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Armstrong Modulevsky Schutte

Quantity Surveyors Inc.


AMS Quantity Surveyors - Originally formed in 1992 as Gordon Armstrong & Associates, A.M.S. Quantity Surveyors has specialized in Cost Planning, Cost Control and Project Monitoring in the Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec markets for the last 24 years. During that time, A.M.S. Quantity Surveyors has consistently provided both comprehensive and professional cost planning, project monitoring and feasibility study services to our clients by utilizing the commitment and expertise of our team, which has allowed us to ensure that each project is completed successfully, efficiently and in the most cost effective manner.

Our Mission is to assist our clients in stimulating their growth and ensuring maximum return on their projects in residential, commercial, retail, industrial, leisure and health care services.


Our Reputation has been built on our ability to provide business awareness advice, professionalism and to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.


AMS Quantity Surveyors is committed to providing service to our clients through teamwork, good communication, timeliness and a common sense approach.



Quantity Surveyors

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